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*****Ordering Body Butter during the Hot Summer Months will cause your product to melt. You must put in refrigerator to cool and solidify. We will not be held responsible for melted product. It is best to pick up in store or load up on product before warmer months arrive. *****

Improves elasticity, softens, and helps to retain moisture in your skin!  Rich with natural butters and oils, this butter will give you a beautiful glow everyone will notice and a light beautiful scent that will last all day.

WARNING!!! Repeated usage over time results in skin so soft everyone will want to touch. You've been warned!

Our Body Butters DO NOT contain water, so there's no need for preservatives.

*Aromatherapy Line is made with pure essential oils
Ways to Use
  • Apply immediately after a warm bath or shower (on damp skin) 
  • For my "Naturalistas" apply on wet or dry hair for moisture retention and shine
  • Apply to face after cleansing to use as a moisturizer (unscented or essential oil only)
  • Pregnant? Use our body butter regularly to keep skin moisturized throughout allowing the skin to stretch easily reducing the risk of scarring (stretch marks)

* contains essential oil

You may wonder why the difference in pricing when it comes to those scented with essential oils.  If you're familiar with essential oils then you know some are more costly than others. This depends on the form in which the oil is obtained and how readily available the particular plant is. We take pride in making quality products at an affordable price and price accordingly.