V-Girl Suppositories

  • $9.99

Vaginal Suppository is not meant for oral consumption. DO NOT TAKE BY MOUTH

Made with a Vegetarian Capsules 🌱 πŸ’— Natural Boric Acid vaginal suppository Benefits : 🌸 removes odor 🌸 relieves symptoms related to Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Yeast Infection such as itching and burning 🌸 mild antiseptic and antifungal actions 🌸 tightens and increases moisture

Instructions: With clean hands, insert it into the vaginal canal (2-3inches) Preferably before bed. Typically one capsule will relieve your issues, so allow 24-48 hours to pass before deciding whether to use another. Refrain from intercourse, using tampons, or inserting anything else into the vagina for 24 hours. Vaginal steaming is not recommended until 48 hours has passed. May have leakage and discharge after use as your body is releasing toxins. It comes with 10 capsules. ⚠️ Do not take a vaginal suppository by mouth. Vaginal boric acid is for use only in the vagina. Do not use this medicine if you have open sores, possible STIs, wounds, or ulcerations in your vaginal area. ⚠️ Herbals are not regulated by the Food & Drug Administration and so any herbal treatment or product on the market has not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition and any information listed is not intended to replace or substitute for medical advice. As always, consult a health practitioner (I am not a certified health care practitioner, so I cannot provide advice- I encourage customers to do their own research and consult with a certified health care provider) before using herbals. In the case of pregnancy, lactation, pre-existing medical conditions, or contraindications with other medications, please make sure to clear with a health practitioner before use. User assumes all risk when using our products. Thank you!