Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Oil

  • $5.00

Soften and begin healing rough dry and cracked cuticles allowing new healthy nails to come in!


With nourishing oils like lanolin and jojoba, your cuticles will thank you.

Using the handy applicator, brush over the cuticle area after washing or soaking hands allowing oils to penetrate. Massage cuticle area and push cuticle back. We highly recommend following the Cuticle Oil with our Blink of an Eye Nail Primer. Before applying a base coat when doing a manicure make sure you've cleansed the nail plate thoroughly. Keep at room temperature for best results.

*Cuticle Oil is also fantastic for dry heels, elbows, indeed anywhere you have dry, chapped skin. Massaging the cuticle oil to the cuticle stimulates nail growth.

Photo by: Nicole De Khors