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Bello Subscription Box

Bello Bath & Body, LLC

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 Box Contents

10+ items included in each delivery

Here's a tip! If you are a couple, choose the mixture box

November is the Starter Kit and comes with an array of body products that you will love. This box will help you become familiar with our products. 

December will focus on face! Great facial products along with full size body products to keep your skin soft, smooth and beautiful.

January is the start of something new. It's still pretty cold out so protection is key. We will blend all your favs to make sure you're covered from head to toe.

February is the month of love and we have something special planned for you.

March let's us know that summer is just around the corner. Let's give that skin some extra glow and moisture.

April is the last month of the Bello Subscription Box and we like to end with a bang!!! Shhhh we can't tell the secret but if you've been with us since the beginning, your mind will be blown!

***Scented products are for body and candles. Facial products will not contain fragrances